Our Approach

Why Choose Us

We are a producer of blueberries, avocados, tangerines, snow peas, and sweet peas with farms in Peru, as well as mango growers from our farms in Miami. We also import, market and distribute fruits and vegetables of the best quality throughout the Americas.

From seed to family, at Full Fresh Produce we offer premium quality healthy and flavorful fruits and vegetables that are enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and quick snacks. Here’s a detailed look at the food we produce.

Why we are different?

At Full Fresh Produce we care about taking care of each of our products throughout the process, from the seed to the final consumer. We want to protect the relationship between our farms, our partners and the families who enjoy the fruit of our work.

We grow our fruit with love, passion and state-of-the-art technology and at the same time we represent producers from Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Spain, Morocco and other origins.



Our producer teams have the most important certifications worldwide, such as Global Gap, Tesco Natura, HACCP, among others.