Why we are different?

At Full Fresh Produce we care about taking care of each of our products throughout the process, from the seed to the final consumer. We want to protect the relationship between our farms, our partners and the families who enjoy the fruit of our work.

We grow our fruit with love, passion and state-of-the-art technology and at the same time we represent producers from Peru, Guatemala, Chile, Spain, Morocco and other origins.

Together we guarantee our partners and families, have on their table the best fruits and vegetables that nature can provide.

We guarantee complete internal control of our supply chain, from our own farms and those of our partners to the final customer, thus providing sustainably produced fruits that families can trust.

In addition, we are not satisfied only with what we already have, but we continue to experiment with new varieties to achieve incomparable quality sustained by unique factors such as climate, water and land, incorporating the latest technology throughout the production process.

Our commitment to quality provides our customers with products that are the perfect size, unique color and flavor to make every meal a masterpiece.

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